Why Online Class?

Due to the present horrible situation, everybody needs to ensure protection and safety first and then go on into other aspects of life such as education, entertainment, sports, and the list is endless. Online classes provide safety, minimizes time loss and ensures flexibility. You can choose any time you wish and go on to have classes all from the comfort of your home. 

But Why Us? 

With so many options of online class available, why would you choose us? The question can be answered in layers. We are a team of people who have expertise in giving online classes and we are not involved only in the field of teaching so we also mould and motivate the students to develop an inquisitive look for the outer world. 

Is that all? Noo!!!

  • Answer scripts will be checked.

  • Study materials are sent regularly.

  • Timings are flexible, too.

  • Regular tests are taken to track the progress of students.

  • School assignments are also discussed elaborately.

  • Queries can be sent anytime on WhatsApp or by an email and they would be solved at a fixed hour. 

  • Guardian meet are to be held monthly. 

Drop in an email or a text message and book an appointment today to finalise the timing and start learning today!!!

Meet Our Team


Dhananjoy Chakraborty

Computer Application

A software engineer by profession, he has built websites that you can see on Blog Sites page, is now giving computer classes to students who are interested during the pandemic.  Enroll today to experience knowledge!


Satavisha Chakraborty

English Literature and Language

Studying English Literature and Language at Calcutta University, she owns her blog LifeWithUs, and gives online classes to students, both national and international. Sign up today to learn about Beowulf to Virginia Woolf!

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